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Monday, September 26, 2022
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Billie Eilish Brings Out Hayley Williams for ‘Hopelessness Business’ at Coachella Weekend 2

Before they broke out in song, Eilish asked: “Hayley, wanna sing something?” To which Williams replied: “Yes, I’m better at singing than talking.”

“Misery Business” was perfectly tailored to both singers’ powerhouse vocals, with Williams belting the first verse and Eilish jumping in to add a lower harmony to the chorus. “We sound good,” Williams said before Eilish added her signature whisper-style tone to the second verse.

“Oh my fucking god,” Eilish exclaimed after Williams exited the stage. “Absolutely what on earth could be cooler than that? I’m dead serious.”

Saturday night marked a rare performance of the song, which Williams has distanced herself from in recent years, even asking for it to be taken off of Spotify’s Women in Rock playlist. Last weekend,

The team sang an acoustic rendition of “Hopelessness Business” while Eilish’s sibling Finneas played along on his guitar.

Fans quickly shared via virtual entertainment that they were so eager to see Williams and Eilish sing together.

One shared a bit on Twitter of the artists bouncing around and embracing when Williams originally strolled onto the stage.

“hayley williams and billie eilish went from fangirling over one another via online entertainment for quite a long time to singing together at coachella,” they composed.

One more kidded that her adherents ought to plan since she wouldn’t have the option to quit tweeting about the occasion.



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