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Friday, October 7, 2022
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Fiscalía abre investigation by homicidio by el Querétaro vs Atlas

Accompanied by the narration of a person present in the recitation, the brute of violence commensurate with the visitor debacle that Atlas enthusiasts comment on “with families who support Querétaro”.


“There is no period in which you can say that you have established yourself, you have been hired for a long time, you have a task, but you have not lost anything in security.


Accompanied by dicho testimony, the file was created and “Querétaro le dieron the flight of the task stage to agarp the goal;


Al 61 ‘, a conn con la pelota en juego, la barre de Querétaro dio indici de intranquilidad cundo intentaron salir de la cabecera en la que estabin situados para recreur el anjo del stadi e ungundos mards tarde Julio Furch dio aviso de a “espont companion on the cane, the egg that, in an area of ​​the degree near the portico of Querétaro and Atlas, agglomerates on the accesses to the cane, before the disturbs that create uncontrollable maneuvers by part of the authorities.


One such as the invasion of the cane comens, the jugadores and the technical body of the Atlas direct the vestuarios of the manner cashed in mediata, mentras that are comparative of Querétaro permanence one more moments. Cabe mansion that the nominal portfolio of Gallos Blancos, Washington Aguerre, is located in the camp to calibrate the animos trace the invasion of the can and posterior disturbs.


Running for the next few minutes, the influence of people on the green rectangle increases, while at the same time it is up to 65 ‘, the genius has to replicate the horizontal horizontal of the recitation that the banknotes, debit and what también bajaron para continuar con la revuelta.


On the flange, it generates a variety of reproducible acts, such as golpiza or a person who tends to be on the band line and taped to the ground launching objects obscured by the degree. The VAR cab, located in this area, is also vandalized and the screen panel is shot in total.


With information from Omar Flores:

09:10 Mauricio Kuri, governor of Querétaro, gave an ultimate information about the acontecidos hechos’s under the Gallos-Atlas game.


“Buenos días. Send me a message to update the information from the airport at the Corregidora Stadium. Please invite me to the official information on my tracks and traverses of the Gobierno del Estado canals”, inform the official.


09:00 Mikel Arriola, president of the MX League, informs that Querétaro is going to personally revise the salutation of the heroes, following the trip to Gallos-Atlas.


“On the way to Querétaro to follow the health status of the heroes and continue with the investigation that raises constant sanctions against the indiscriminate violence in the football stadiums. Ya basta! Seguiremos informando”, described in his social media.


08:30: In the madriga of domingo, following the party between Gallos and Atlas, individual of the Public Ministry visit the patients who establish menidos, to record their statements and summarize testimonies on the investigative table.


Herod family members are housed in Querétaro General Hospital and are not permanently blinded, as they are housed in Covid-19 protocol.


“We do not see the recordings of the line and the pedestrians that I do not expect to see, but to be degraded and to be cared for”, said one of the family members of the heroes.


Family members are interested in the stage of their patients, because the integrators of the pores and friends inform them of the stage they are most in need of, but because the media translates to Querétaro, to verify how to concentrate.


Barra 51 versus La Resistance: of the scene of the tragedy:
The controversy between Querétaro and Atlas’s affidavits does not spontaneously work, as it has a history that was overhauled in 2007. Los Gallos lucaban por descender, as iban con task por a victoria en eltima fecha del torneo. ¿Su rival? Map book.


The rojinegros do not establish themselves in the city of the category, but only clear: la derrota no time an option. On April 29, the Jalisco stadium celebrated the double with Nicolás Olivera sent to Querétaro at the former Primera A.


To finalize the inclination of the Ultimate Jornada of Clausura 2007, the following bar loads: The Albiazul Resistance and Barra 51 are located near the colossus and inflate into a layer that contains various herrids and detonations.


The fans did not see the car until January 2010, when Gallos Blancos took off. In this groundwork torrent of regression, Corregidora tested an important victory against the royalty, but because it implied: u:



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