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Friday, October 7, 2022
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Messi’s pair of goals helped PSG win

Messi’s pair and Mbopp’s great goal helped PSG to win even after falling behind against Leipzig. Messi’s PSG remained at the top of the table with this victory. PSG beat Leipzig 3-2 in the Champions League on Tuesday night (October 20) in Pak de France.

Leipzig, which was cornered after losing the first two matches, got off to a great start in its mission to turn around. Twice in the first seven minutes, they broke the opponent’s defense and entered the D-box.

However, two minutes later, PSG took the team ahead. Americanos increased the ball to midfield by blocking the opponent’s attack in their own D-box. Julian Draxler passes to Mbappe. The French star went ahead with the ball in the face of the Leipzig box and scored the goal with a low shot by shuffling the opponent in front in one fell swoop.

Leipzig quickly countered the push back by managing the push back. They equalized in the 26th minute with a great counter attack. They could have gone ahead before the break. However, two PSG defenders, Nuno Mendes and Presnell Kimpemb, missed the bar and Christopher Enkunkur’s low shot from outside the box missed the target.

first half of Manchester City’s goal celebration at Bruges , PSG held the ball almost 60 per cent of the time, but Leipzig was a little ahead in the attack. They started attacking even after the break. Nordy Mukiele put the team ahead three times in the 58th minute.

When Leipzig lost possession at their own boundary, Mbappe grabbed the ball and quickly entered the D-box and cut back. In the first touch Messi’s shot, the ball touched the goalkeeper’s hand and hit the post. Messi ran and did the rest of the work.

Messi led the 74th team again with a successful spot kick. Great game throughout the match, they get a penalty if they are fouled in the D-box. However, Mbappe failed to score on a penalty before the last whistle blew.

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City beat Bruges 5-1 in another Group A match.



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