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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Seth Meyers Goes After ‘Crazy’ Trump for Praising Putin Right Before Russian Invasion

Soon after Jimmy Kimmel went off on Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson for protecting Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin just before his country’s intrusion of Ukraine, Seth Meyers committed a sizeable piece of his Late Night to Trump’s recognition of Putin the day preceding the tactical hostile.


“The whole world is alarmed and sickened,” said Meyers of the approaching Russian attack, as the show was recorded Wednesday evening. “The main individuals who might actually think this is a decent move are those jobless periphery crackpots who continue modest public broadcasts. You know, similar to this person.”


With that, he tossed to a clasp of Trump talking on The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, a moderate live radio program co-facilitated by Travis, a savage like Fox Sports character who’s been surprisingly off-base with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic constantly (and most all the other things, truly).


“I went in yesterday and there was a TV screen, and I said, ‘This is virtuoso,'” Trump commented of Putin on Tuesday. “Putin announces a major piece of the Ukraine-of Ukraine. Putin announces it as free. Gracious, that is superb. Thus, Putin is presently saying, ‘It’s autonomous,‘ a huge part of Ukraine. I said, ‘How brilliant is that?'”


Trump later proceeded to say of Putin, “Here’s a person who’s actual sagacious… I know him well indeed. Extremely, well… But here’s a person that says, you know, ‘I will proclaim a major part of Ukraine free,’ he utilized the word ‘autonomous,’ and ‘we will go out and we will go in and we will assist with keeping harmony.’ You must say, that is pretty insightful.


“No, you don’t must say that!” shouted Meyers. “When it’s all said and done, indeed, perhaps you must say that so somebody will get you at the Moscow air terminal when you escape our purview. It’s simply crazy that Trump is still so frantic to applaud a murderous dictator like Putin each opportunity he gets. Trump portrays’ everything Putin might do like he’s [NFL commentator] Tony Romo calling the last drive of a season finisher game.”


He added, “Trump’s watching Russian tanks roll into Ukraine with pom-poms in his grasp, calling it ‘virtuoso.’



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