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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Shcherbakova wins figure skating gold as Valieva breakdowns

Her Olympics and life flipped around by a doping case, world record holder Kamila Valieva faces a potential boycott and a mentor whose first reaction to her shocking skate Thursday was analysis.


“For what reason did you release it? For what reason did you quit battling?” cameras got Eteri Tutberidze – the famously severe mentor who will be examined over Valieva’s bombed drug test – telling the 15-year-old after she fell two times and exited decoration conflict.

Worldwide Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said he was upset by the serious tension on the youthful skaters, especially Valieva, and censured her mentors without naming Tutberidze.

“Whenever I subsequently perceived how she was gotten by her nearest escort, with such, what had all the earmarks of being a huge briskness, it was chilling to see this,” he said at a news gathering Friday. “Rather than giving her solace, rather than to attempt to help her, you could feel this chilling air, this distance.”


As Valieva put fourth and left in tears, she got a message of help from 2018 silver medalist Evgenia Medvedeva.

“I am glad to such an extent that this damnation is over for you,” Medvedeva posted on Instagram. “I truly esteem you and love you and I’m glad that you can loosen up now, darling. I salute you on the finish of the Olympics and I trust that you can live smoothly and relax.”

Tragically for Valieva, she can’t unwind right now. The bombed drug test which flipped around her life actually looms over her head.

While she was permitted to continue skating in Beijing by the Court of Arbitration for Sport to stay away from “unsalvageable damage,” that administering is legitimate just until a full examination of her Dec. 25 test for the restricted substance trimetazidine is settled. The case could require months yet cost Valieva and her Russian colleagues the gold award they won in last week’s group occasion.

Second place Alexandra Trusova was likewise in despair after her set of experiences taking five fourfold leaps demonstrated insufficient to beat partner Anna Shcherbakova to the gold decoration. “I disdain this game,” she yelled along the edge of the arena. “I will not go onto the ice once more.”

Trusova said she was content with the skate however not with the outcome, a clear poke at the judging that gave Shcherbakova enough additional focuses for imaginativeness to keep her ahead.

Trusova could be heard crying that she was the just one without a gold decoration. The Russians won the group occasion utilizing Valieva two times as opposed to permitting Shcherbakova or Trusova to skate one of the ladies’ projects. That success could be stripped due to Valieva’s doping case.

Trusova later said her remarks regarding not skating again had been “enthusiastic“, the consequence of missing her family and her canines, yet didn’t resolve to contend at the following month’s big showdowns.

Of the three teens, Trusova has had the most crabby relationship with Tutberidze. She exchanged mentors momentarily, getting back to the Tutberidze camp in May of the year before. What’s more her music choice appeared to communicate something specific. She moved her long program to “Cruella” from the film soundtrack.

Shcherbakova appeared to be uncertain how to respond the dramatization unfurling around her, and said she felt frustrated about Valieva. “I actually don’t understand what has occurred. From one viewpoint I feel cheerful, on the other I feel this void inside.”

Shcherbakova showed up in Beijing as the title holder from 2021, however Valieva’s record-breaking scores and Trusova’s go big or go home quads transformed her into a longshot to her more youthful partners. Being called an Olympic hero was “stunning,” Shcherbakova said. “I don’t feel like it’s me they’re discussing.”

Russian skaters‘ professions are normally short to such an extent that at 17 years old, Shcherbakova very quickly confronted inquiries about whether she would resign.

“I want to skate, and I couldn’t envision being without figure skating,” she said. The 2026 Olympics are far off, and no Tutberidze-prepared lady has at any point remained in world class skating to the point of turning into a double cross Olympian. The last lady to hold the gold was Katarina Witt of East Germany in 1988.

What occurs next for Shcherbakova and her partners turned-rivals relies upon many elements – the possible doping decision, any further discipline for Tutberidze and the remainder of her company and the horde of wounds which can torment youthful skaters performing quads.

As she attempts to recuperate from a disappointment on the game’s greatest stage, Valieva stays at the focal point of a showdown among Russia and worldwide organizations. Around six hours before she took to the ice, Russian Olympic Committee president Stanislav Pozdnyakov said he would not surrender the group occasion gold award “under any conditions, no matter what the aftereffects of the disciplinary examination concerning the competitor.”



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