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Monday, September 26, 2022
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Snake Island Ukrainians saw as alive, taken as Russian detainees

The 13 Ukrainian boundary watches turned-worldwide legends that had purportedly been killed subsequent to telling a Russian warship to “go screw yourself” rather than giving up their post were affirmed to be alive on Sunday by the Ukrainian Navy .


The declaration was made in a Facebook post, perusing, “with respect to the Marines and boundary monitors, who were kidnapped by Russian occupiers on the island of Snake, we are exceptionally glad to discover that our siblings are fit as a fiddle.”


Starting detailing expressed that the gatekeepers had been positioned on a rough Black Sea land mass known as Snake Island when a Russian warship drew nearer and radioed the watchmen.


“This is a Russian warship,” the trespassers declared. “I propose you set down arms and give up to keep away from carnage and superfluous casualties. Any other way, you’ll be bombarded.”


“Russian warship, go screw yourself,” the Ukrainians answered.


And keeping in mind that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy himself had affirmed late Thursday that the gatekeepers had “passed on nobly” protecting the island, the watchmen are alive and have been taken prisoner by Russian powers.


Prior providing details regarding the story considered the total loss of correspondence with the little unit, the serious obliteration of the island’s foundation and an absence of Russian revealing expressing in any case, as proof that the watchmen had been killed.


Zelenskyy presently can’t seem to remark on this new disclosure with respect to the Snake Island line watches.



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