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Monday, September 26, 2022
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What Mahmudullah said about the victory against Oman

Bangladesh has passed the Oman exam today in a life-and-death battle for the World Cup qualifiers. Oman was scared at the beginning. After that Bangladesh turned around and won by 28 runs. Bangladesh at least survived the World Cup with this victory.

Mahmudullah Riyadh is very happy after such a victory. At the award ceremony at the end of the match, Mahmudullah said, “We are very happy to win this match.” However, the Bangladesh captain knew that the match was not easy. And the team has made a lot of mistakes in the match, it is also in the head.

To that end, Mahmudullah said, we need to improve in many more places. Hopefully, our supporters are also happy with this victory. Riyadh also thanked the audience. “Thanks to the spectators too, they came here to watch the game and wanted to see us win,” Mahmudullah said. Winning is the most important thing for the country.

Praising Shakib-Naeem, Mahmudullah Riyadh said, “Shakib and Naeem batted well.” Has a great partnership, which has helped us reach 150 per cent; But we should have bowled better with the new ball. I have done a lot of wide.

Do not want to make mistakes in the next match. He promised to correct today’s mistakes. Riyadh said mistakes must be found and corrected. I think our death bowling has been good. In the middle overs we are back in the game; But batting and bowling in the first six overs – we have to improve in both places.



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